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Dood - Mary Hattie 2017 Natural

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You are looking at a Prototype for one of my Short Board series of guitars. This one is called the Mary Hattie. It is named after my mom due to it's cutting board styling. This one is sold. The price listed is the start up deposit. Full price will be disclosed upon your specifications... usually about 300-500. When you purchase a Mary Hattie, you will get one made for you as you see in this demo, with your choice of our stock humbucker, single coil, P90, or any other pickup(s) you would like. Please contact me with your experiment ideas. 

As you can see, the wiring cavity is copper shielded and I use full sized pots. The necks, bridges, and intonation are already set. The fretboard edges are rounded, and the frets are highly polished. Check out the YouTube video. I am very proud of the simplicity of this design in ratio to the performance outcome. It really does look unique, plays, and sounds like a high-dollar instrument. Each Dood Guitar sold comes with serial numbers, and a certificate of authenticity. I am still building the website. Let's thank Reverb for supporting all us guit-fiddlers and the crafts we fiddle with.    

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